Wednesday 26th of April 2017

Wuhan (Shangrila Hotel)

City: Wuhan
Province: Hubei Prov
Month/Year of Travel: August, 2000 (HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Wuhan lives up to its name as one of the Three Furnaces of China in August...)
Travel Route in China: Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou
Name of Hotel: Shangrila Hotel, 700 Jianshe dadao, Wuhan, 430015, Tel: 86 27 8580 6868; Fax: 86 27 8577 6868
Comments about Hotel: Beautiful, 4 star hotel; great breakfast buffet; helpful staff.
Office or Orphanage: Hubei Province CCAA
Sights to See in this city: Yellow Pagoda; Buddhist temples; we asked the local guide to skip the usual jade factory and take us for a ride through the city residential streets and to a silk rug factory and down a lane of lotus flower fields that I will never forget...
Baby supplies can be purchased at: Nearby department stores; walked about two blocks to buy a stroller and baby supplies.
Places to eat we liked: We ate at the hotel mostly; GREAT pizza in their western style bar/restaurant
Things you ought to know while staying here: Good business center for making more copies of adoption documents!

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